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The Tikkurila GmbH, located in the Ansbach, produces colors and paints with highest quality standards since 1934. Under the brand PIGROL we are producing wood protection products as well as wall- and facade paints.

PIGROL is a synonym for highest product quality. The modern and environmentally sustainable PIGROL products were pioneers and paving the way for an environmentally conscious thinking. So, the development of the first water-based, opaque wood protection color PIGROL Wetterschutzfarbe K60 in Germany took already place in 1960. Only four years later the today's PIGROL Acryl Buntlack was introduced, one of the first "water paints" on the German market. Exactly this Acryl Buntlack was evaluated in 2008 by the "Stiftung Warentest" with the fantastic overall score good (1.7). After 1986, this is already the second award from this independent Institute.


In addition to our 80th experience, our customers benefit from strong expertise, know-how and innovation strength. Many PIGROL products have unique features on the European market. For example our PIGROL Edelwachs and PIGROL Schweden WAXX. These two wax stains are the only wax products that can be re-painted at any time with themselves or other PIGROL products.


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