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Beutenschutz-Lack (Beehive lacquer)


PIGROL Beutenschutz-Lack is a high weather resistant acrylic lacquer which was especially formulated for the treatment of beehives and bee houses and all wooden parts used in beekeeping. Due to its formulation this product is also outstandingly suitable for the coating of Styrofoam hives. The high-quality water-based acrylic lacquer bonds very well with the surface and leads to a dirt and water repellent non-sticking top coat without any negative effects on the bee population. The lacquer is water based, hard-wearing, free of hazards, moisture regulating and breathable. It is resistant to saliva and sweat according DIN 53 160 and conforms to EN 71 part 3 European Standard for the safety of toys.

PIGROL Beutenschutz-Lack offers easy application and a high resistance against scratches and wearing. Brilliant color fastness: Even light color shades will not show any yellowing. The combination of adhesive agents and high covering, and lightfast pigments protects especially wood against harmful UV rays.  The product is environmentally friendly, since water-based and basically free of solvents.


Field of use

Recommended for all parts in the interior and the exterior, bee come in contact with, e.g. bee houses, bee hives roofs etc. Treating the interior of bee hives is according to latest bee researches not necessary, because bees coat it with propolis. Tests showed that interior coating of hives is howsoever harmless for bees and will stop the migration of wood ingredients (sap and terpene).


Methods of application

Brushing, rolling and spraying (also airless).



Depending on roughness and absorbancy of the surface approx. 5 - 6 m² / l per coat.


Drying time

Depending on the porosity of substrate at 20 °C / 60 % relative humidity dust dry  and touchable after 1 hour, after approx. 2 - 3 hours re-coatable. A waiting time of 18 - 24 hours is recommended before inserting bees.



Acrylate dispersion, pigments, fillers, water, coalescent aids, additives, preservatives..





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PIGROL Beutenschutz-Lack