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Our claim

We, the Tikkurila GmbH, located in Ansbach, Franconia, produce colors and paints with highest quality standards since 1934. The strength of our brand PIGROL is a quality full range in wood protection and decoration, lacquers and glazes. An extensive portfolio of building paints with a great number of specialty products completes our product portfolio.


Since the founding of the company our PIGROL quality products have always been developed, produced and distributed in terms with mankind and environment. We have focused already very early especially on modern, environment-friendly products on water-base. We do research and development work in conjunction with constant improvement of our products so that also in future PIGROL products are synonymous with top quality! But research and development are also important, because we identify ourselves with our products and would like to offer our customers only product solutions that have been found to be optimal in our laboratory and long-term tests.


In a conversation with a fellow beekeeper we came to the theme of "Protections for Bee Hives" and he pointed out that there is a large uncertainty about this subject among the beekeeping community. Actually, we have noted that so far there is no single painting, which was tested on bee compatibility or even certified according to our research. Here, we wanted to make a start and develop a painting which on the one hand optimally protects bees and on the other hand has no negative effects on the sensitive bees either nor in their behavior.


The Bavarian State Institute for viticulture and horticulture, centre of apiology in Veitshöchheim set up an experimental plan to our research and conducted it over a period of more than 12 months in several laboratory tests and outdoor tests. In addition the State Institute for apiology at the University of Hohenheim has examined possible effects on honey and wax. The results have more than met our expectations: the lifetime, contact and the field tests showed only positive results with regard to mortality of bees, as well as the breed and with regard to the behavior of bees. The subsequent laboratory analysis has shown that apparently no paint substances are detectable which could transit in honey and wax.


The shocking reports of the media about the high rate of mortality among colonies, as well as the new study of the environmental program of the United Nations (UNEP) "Bee mortality threatens global food" encouraged us in the development of our products PIGROL  Beutenschutz-Lasur and PIGROL Beutenschutz-Lack and the associated researches. Bees are extraordinary living beings and must necessarily be protected!



Thomas Söderholm,

Country Director Tikkurila Germany